24 noviembre 2022

Luxury Brand Showcase Madrid

Luxury Brand Showcase Madrid

Key Points

Modern, creative agency that works with clients globally. Through our global network between Madrid, Hamburg and California, we build stories by integrating creativity, sustainability and data, designing solutions for Events, Communication Campaigns and Global Incentives.

At Nanook we choose a personalized approach with our clients, based on true partnership, developing ad hoc proposals designed on real needs and integrating your vision into each project and bringing it to LIVE.


Boutique, personalized approach; working with luxury brands worldwide.


Working with sustainable partners, offering sustainable solutions.

Digital Transformation

Helping our clients understand and develop digital transformation when it comes to events. Understanding new trends, collecting and analyzing data in order to make conscious, strategic decisions for future events and projects.

Mandarin Oriental
Mandarin Oriental

Working with our global partners we are continuously exploring locations and technology to build concepts for event.

We look forward to working with you.