4 August 2020

Victor Küppers: “A team is much more important than bringing together a group of rock stars”

Victor Küppers: “A team is much more important than bringing together a group of rock stars”

Victor Küppers lives the birth of Nanook. Passionate about his work, Küppers is committed to promoting positive psychology in people. This conference expert defines himself as a “talking mind”, capable of spending hours and hours in a conversation.

Positive psychology can help people with their moods. It is very common to feel weak or discouraged. Problems at work, personal problems, illnesses, issues with partners, children or in sports, often lead to big headaches. It is very logical to be discouraged, we should not think that because of this we do not have certain capabilities, experiences or knowledge, but you must be consistent with yourself, you are a human. And that is why this professional encourages us to raise our heads, look around and reflect.    In the pandemic situation that we have had to live with, Küppers recalls how this country overcame the crisis in 2007 thanks to the support of families, solidarity and grandparents. There are societies that had it more complicated, but they learned to work as a team and that is because “a team is much more important than bringing together a group of rock stars,” he reflected, referring to the social experiment that William Muir did. This was based on separating the less productive hens from the more productive ones, which he studied for six generations. What happened was that those he thought were more productive ended up killing each other, pecking each other to death. And the less productive ones were a group that complemented each other by helping each other to achieve the common goal, to lay eggs. What this experiment is intended to demonstrate is that for a company to work, you do not have to have a group of intelligent people, productive or many phenomena together, because the rock stars end up killing each other for ego, jealousy or personal ambition, which is above the common goal for them. The teams that work, are those in which there are people with different capacities and abilities, but whose priority is to help others and thus, achieve the common goal. And that has little to do with intelligence and much more with human quality, generosity, solidarity, honesty, respect, humility, tolerance and the ability to listen and empathize. These are attitudes that are much more valuable than intelligence.    And the second reflection that Victor made, related to the experiment and the current situation of the country with the covid 19, is that a team that works, maintains the spirit of its members. “Sometime life if full of joy, but there are times when life is very sad, hard, unbearable. It is the paradox of life, how fabulous it is at times, how fragile and dramatic it is on other occasions. Now it is our turn to live something very big. This is a cataclysm, that is, to be happy, to be content and to smile, you can never lose heart, because then it is over. You stop walking, you stop advancing. Now more than ever we need to bring out the best in us and for that, we need encouragement. And it is much easier if you are with other people, if you are in a team that you appreciate and trust. To motivate people, we need them to have bonds, loyalty, trust, to do something together that you know is worthwhile, that you feel proud of, sharing joy and also sorrow, learning and teaching, growing as a person and as a professional”, said Küppers.     After this intervention in Nanook, he recommends practicing resilience, the importance of learning to be positive and to collaborate with other people and in a team, to seek the common goal and turn all those negative thoughts into positive ones. Because “alone I go faster, but together we go further”.