After creating the Zurich Talks community in 2020, with forums of experts giving different points of view on evolution, we made an improvement so that these voices were people, professionals, who, from their live voice and experience, could tell the Zurich community Talks, how is the new reality for them and little by little, the return to normality.

It was innovated in a new format in which influencers or celebrities are the voice of the experience, and those who, today for society, are recognized as the greatest product prescribers. In this case, Miguel Ángel Muñoz, one of the most influential actors in our country, participated.


In 2020 we anticipate the future together with Zurich seeking in an original way to create a community for those who want to know where the world is going.

Some micro events that were going to be face-to-face before the pandemic, and that through expert voices would guide us to know what new challenges 2021 will have and how to overcome them.