We are proud to have been selected by MetLife’s U.S. and Latin American divisions to create an extraordinary experience for their top employees. Our goal: to recognize their hard work and feed their thirst for knowledge through inspiring lectures and unique experiences. Therefore, we focused the event on uniqueness, seeking to offer participants something truly exceptional.

As an emotional component, we introduced Maria Bennett, a survivor of the devastating 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami. Through a motivational talk, Maria shared her story of survival and conveyed to attendees the power of resilience, as well as the importance of personal and professional drive. This experience proved to be meaningful and unique to the guests, adding defining value to the rest of the sessions. In addition, we designed activities that allowed them to discover unusual and authentic local places in Barcelona.

And, of course, the gala dinner was a must. We celebrated this memorable event at the iconic Camp Nou stadium, where guests had the opportunity to enjoy an exquisite dinner while sharing unique moments. They also had the opportunity to have their pictures taken next to the authentic BBVA League Cup and the King’s Cup, adding a touch of exclusivity to the evening.