Spanish Red Cross #BeCozy


The Red Cross has spent years ensuring the care of children and adolescents who need a foster family. And they do it with their “Be Cozy Service”.

The NGO has asked us for a digital campaign of social awareness and notoriety in social networks. As well as to create the awareness of foster care culture that is not widely cultivated in Spain.


With “Footprints for Life” we rescue a universal insight: the height marks that families paint on the doorframes of their homes. Growth marks from child to adult.

We transformed this very significant emotional image, which everyone recognizes and many practice, to create a symbol of welcoming.

In this way, we capture the period, however short it may be of leaving a mark forever, both on families and on children who were taken in.

The campaign had two phases.

The first, with generic information, in which we presented the symbol of the ‘footprints’, with the cases and types of foster families.

The second, more emotional, it served as a follow-up aimed at those interested in fostering, those who interacted in phase 1. The objective: to help them make the decision.