Footprints for life

For Cruz Roja multichannel service #SerAcogogedorA, focused on foster care with a social parenting approach, we decided to rescue a universal insight and carried out the Huellas para toda la vida (Footprints for life) campaign.

The objective was to highlight the height marks that families paint on the door frames of their homes, transforming this meaningful emotional image that everyone recognizes, to create a symbol of foster care. The aim was to capture the period of fostering, which, however short it was, left a lasting impression on both the families and the people who were fostered.

The campaign had two phases: 1) Informative phase, in which the symbol of the footprints was presented, with specific cases and types of foster families. 2) Emotional phase, a follow-up addressed to people interested in fostering during phase 1, aimed at helping and motivating them to make the decision.

Closer and closer to the people

In the same way, we also created Cada vez más cerca de las personas (Closer and closer to the people), betting on that more human side that seeks to find the sensitivity and empathy of people. In this way, the main objective was to raise awareness of the importance of foster care or family stay, however short it may be, as it is of great help to families and children. It is the pure definition of altruism.

As in the previous campaign, two phases were carried out: 1) Informative, generic and awareness-raising phase about foster care. 2) Emotional phase, a follow-up aimed at people interested in fostering during phase 1, whose objective was to help and motivate them to make the decision.