Panerai is a luxury watch brand. Its watches are exclusive, innovative and designer. These values were to be present at their annual meeting with the specialized press, watchmakers and VIP clients.


But the brand demanded a differential experience for its watches exhibition, so we had to associate their products with something evocative.


In 2019, the great novelty was the Submersible watch. So the theme had to revolve around its concept.


Thus was born An Underwater Odyssey, a journey through the underwater worlds inspired by the watch.


To do so, we set up the meeting at the Solo Museum of Contemporary Art, where exclusive pieces with the theme of maritime odysseys were exhibited.


We placed the watches in strategic locations, next to the most representative pieces of art.


And we created an immersive experience of Branded Content and micro theater, in which actors characterized as fantastic sea creatures acted as museum guides.


We created the characters. We scripted performances. We took care of their costumes and make-up.


We designed and produced different scenarios so that the museum was conceived as the depths of the sea: creating the entrance to the Panerai submarine, the boarding piers, etc.


Once they entered the submarine, the attendees were introduced to the Panerai Submersible. The moment was supported by a self-produced promotional video that told the characteristics of the watch.