Audi launched a renewed version of its Q3. We were challenged to organize everything necessary to invite the specialised press to its test drives.


We had to choose an enclave that would test the car’s star features.


As well as generate a conference in which the presentation of the car was at the level of the quality of the brand.


In addition, the attendee was used to this type of event and considered it a work routine. So we had to surprise and impact emotionally.


The land chosen for this meeting was Salamanca. And the Test Drives were made by a careful selection of routes through different types of surface of evocative landscapes.


We tested how Q3 could prove its mastery in any situation. Both in the mountains and the open countryside, and in the city.


The conference was held in the cellars of Hacienda Zorita, which were equipped for the event.


Attendees were able to enjoy Michelin-starred wine tastings and local cuisine.