For the presentation of the new LG Wing smartphone, we wanted to do something extraordinary and revolutionary that would catch everyone’s attention, so we sent 30 selected journalists a teaser box to their homes, inviting them to give their Senses a Twist. When they opened this mysterious box, they found the new device allowing them to try it out before or during the event, which would take place that same day.

But that was not all. Along with the LG Wing, they discovered a catering service that would also turn their expectations upside down. Imagine a spherified vermouth cocktail, where when you bite into it, it would explode releasing its essence on your palate.

In addition, our guests, when connecting remotely, discovered that it was a hybrid event: live, from a set but with their presence through LED screens. We broke physical barriers and created an immersive experience where everyone could participate and connect in real time.

An event where technology merges with innovation and surprise.