Intel was celebrating its 50th anniversary and, in line with its global communication campaign, asked us to turn its annual novelty showroom into an experience that would live up to its history.


We had to create an atmosphere that would not only evoke and breathe their brand image, but also drive it into the future.


The event was aimed at Sales and Marketing Directors of top companies in Spain. So we had to create spaces for networking; as well as a retrospective of its 50 years of life.


The plenary session had to be fluid and transmit its values of efficiency


To do so, we remembered their famous claim “Intel Inside” and created INSIDERS: a place where you could enter and interact with the information at the moment it was created: first hand.


The concept of “Insider” also allowed us to qualify the public as “insiders”: those with whom we shared privileged information exclusively.


Thus was born the largest processor in history. Where the information fluctuated by beams of light, until it reached the heart of the processor: Estel, an Artificial Intelligence that was not only a floating master of ceremonies; also, the protagonist of the pre-event emailing campaign and the videos created for the event.


Through an immersive and futuristic atmosphere, the plenary took place. It began with a self-produced video-warm up that staged the plugging of the system. At this time, the A.I. began to communicate with us directly and live.


The plenary, had innovative presentation tools as the Radar Touch and the personal assistant Estel that we created for the event.