Inspired by Intel’s claim: Intel Inside, we created a unique place where information came to life the moment it was created, giving rise to INSIDERS. The Insider concept allowed us to qualify the lucky audience as ‘insiders’: those with whom we shared privileged information exclusively.

Thus was born the largest processor in history, where the information fluctuated through beams of light until it reached Estel, the core of the processor. A floating master of ceremonies Artificial Intelligence, protagonist of the videos created for the event and of the previous e-mailing campaign. In addition, we also had innovative presentation tools such as the Radar Touch.

Through an immersive and futuristic environment, the event began with a warm-up video. Afterwards, Estel started to communicate with the attendees in a direct and personalized way, totally live.


In this second edition of Insiders: INSIDERS II, we evolved the futuristic aesthetics of light beams by creating spaces with 3D lasers that symbolized the digital frontier of Intel’s new 10th Gen processor.

Guests had the opportunity to enter the event through a physical virtual image that we created especially for them. The event began with a warm up video presentation of our own production, enveloping the audience in a captivating and interactive environment. In addition, they were able to visit the showroom of the latest novelties under the same system of light beams, creating stunning environments.


We executed Intel’s first 100% digital event flawlessly, taking care of the creativity and technology as well as assembling a team of expert speakers. We made sure to guide them and provide them with the necessary support to make their participation extraordinary.

At all times, we maintained an open channel of communication and constant interaction with our audience. We valued their opinions, questions and comments, creating an environment of active and enriching participation.

We decided to maintain the INSIDERS spirit of the previous editions, giving rise to Insiders III, and turned this technological event into a memorable experience.