Fast Start is IBM’s annual meeting focused on the latest innovations.


The conference united its employees with its official partners, to inform them of the latest news from IBM. 2020 conferences took place in Vienna and Las Vegas.


We had to design and produce all the material for their conference areas for the official IBM partners.


Additionally we created traffic for the attendees of these stands, offering an inspiring environment for networking opportunities between IBM employees and business partners.


We designed and produced all material, such as stands, corners and networking spaces. Its aesthetics always in line with the IBM brand values related to innovation.


The networking system involved strategically placing the stands and meeting places in areas where most IBM employees were concentrated in.


Correspondingly, they were easily identifiable so that employees could follow an efficient order of networking.


We also took advantage of the qualities and characteristics of each host city to shape their lifestyles.


Lastly, we did not waste any time to fill it with activations, shows and speeches of eminent figures of the sector.