Boss Hunters, the innovative project that has revolutionized the way young talents choose their professional destiny, trusted Nanook to create a space where the most daring applicants could connect directly with the heads of the most outstanding companies in the MICE sector.

We designed the naming and branding: Boss Hunters, resulting in a brand that reflected the determination and courage of those who pursue their professional dreams. We created an exciting experience where talent (HUNTERS) and managers (BOSSES/BOSS) come together in a battle of skills and strategies through a scape room.

In the first edition, we carried out this exciting adventure in the prestigious Hotel Puerta America in Madrid where the response was overwhelming and the success was resounding. In the second edition, the setting was the Hotel Riu Plaza España, where we once again brought together the brightest talent with the most influential bosses in the industry. Together, they faced challenges on each floor of the hotel, testing their ingenuity and skills to reach the final goal. To top it all off, we organized conferences and networking sessions that allowed participants to make valuable contacts and learn from the most experienced leaders, a unique opportunity to broaden horizons and forge connections.