8 May 2023

The first edition of MetaWorld Congress was successfully held in Madrid, organised by Oneway Group, Metaversp.Pro and Nanook Agency

The first edition of MetaWorld Congress was successfully held in Madrid, organised by Oneway Group, Metaversp.Pro and Nanook Agency

The first edition of MetaWorld Congress was successfully held in Madrid, organised by Oneway Group, Metaversp.Pro and Nanook Agency

The metaverse is not the future, it’s the present

The MetaWorld Congress, held at La Nave in Madrid and simultaneously in other virtual worlds. It is the largest technological event on metaverse, web 3.0, augmented reality and immersive activities.

The event featured 100 collaborating brands, 70 exhibitors, 150 speakers and 4,000 attendees who helped to trigger more than 750,000 impacts on social networks.

The latest and most important technological trends were discussed both at stands and in presentations. These trends focused on eSports, gaming, training to work in the sector, fashion, influencers, cinema, entertainment, fitness, new devices, among others.

Marc Vidal, renowned communicator on digital transformation and economic analysis, was present at this edition along with Davo Ruíz, CEO of Oneway Group and Santiago Álvarez, CEO of, both co-directors of Meta World Congress. Marc Vidal stressed that “artificial intelligence is not going to end humanity, it is a technological tool for massive data management” and that “people who ask good questions will get good answers“.

On the other hand, the famous actor Emilio Gutiérrez Cava and president of the AISGE Foundation (a non-profit organisation for the development of welfare and promotional activities for the benefit of audiovisual performers), took part in the round table “The future of Entertainment”. This round table highlighted the emerging trends in the production and distribution of content, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and web 3.0 technology, among others. These types of new technologies are set to change the way we experience and consume audiovisual content such as films and series.

Something exceptional was that for the first time, within the panel “Metaverse: The Future Ahead”, representatives from all the virtual worlds of the metaverse simultaneously debated on questions such as what will be the greatest impact of the metaverse on people’s daily lives in the future: Javier Aparicio from Uttopion, Hernan Portugal from Xave World, Ariel Burd from Legendaryum, Ivo Cadenas from Evveland, Alfredo López from Hospiland and Rubén Peña from Parqueland.

In terms of sustainability, MetaWorld Congress also made clear its strong commitment to the environment by committing to an event that offsets the carbon footprint generated. To this end, the organisers have enlisted the help of Coorest, which, using blockchain technology, is capable of offsetting the CO2 footprint from anywhere in the world, leaving an immutable and traceable record.

Gaming and sport were also present at the congress, with BeFootball and its stand in the form of a theme park where immersive technologies allowed attendees to live and experience football in a totally new way. Also PadelTok and its platform that integrates all the services and products that a padel player needs, from amateur to professional in the Padel Island. All these collaborators have shown the attendees a new vision and dimension of the sport, with which they have been able to have fun and enjoy themselves in an incredible way.

For the organizers of this congress, it has been a very ambitious project and organized in a very short time but, thanks to the teamwork of Oneway, Metaverso.Pro and Nanook Agency we managed to make it possible. We have faced this great challenge and it has turned out to be a great success, we have even had the institutional support of the Madrid City Council. It has been a very positive and enriching experience for us as an agency and as a team.

Davo, director of MetaWorld Congress and CEO of Oneway Group: “I believe that with MetaWorld Congress we have managed to create the definitive event, as it has allowed us to showcase all the technological innovations of leading companies in the sector in both a physical and virtual environment. If we add to this the prestige of the speakers, in which we highlight Marc Vidal and the international repercussion it has had in all Spanish-speaking countries, it confirms that the event has been a complete success and motivates us with great enthusiasm to present the 2024 edition in a few days and, with this, continue adding to the objective of making the city of Madrid a reference in international technological initiatives“.

Bárbara Agudo, CMO Nanook: “It is a privilege to be part of the first congress related to the Metaverse in Spain, it has certainly been a success and is the first of many similar national and international projects that we are already developing, having the whole event monitored through the Nanook Digital Hub has allowed us to have many insights and learnings for future editions“.

The organisers have announced in their farewell speech the celebration of a second edition, and we are already counting the hours to not miss this II Edition of the MetaWorld Congress!

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