NANOOK NEVER BLINK SL, from now on NANOOK, is a Spanish company dedicated to DEVELOPING DIGITAL MARKETING AND ADVERTISING SOLUTIONS AND ORGANIZING CORPORATE EVENTS, which from the approach to continuous improvement of its services also wants to offer the greatest confidence to its customers to increase their satisfaction.

NANOOK is committed to the quality of its services and the security of information assets as a strategic and sensitive element of your organization, and guarantees for all of them:


– AVAILABILITY: NANOOK uses project management software that allows access at all times to the duly authorized personnel involved in the project with guaranteed access in the event of incidents of any kind.

– CONFIDENTIALITY: NANOOK will not disclose information to unauthorised third parties. Both physical and electronic documentation will be treated with the highest confidentiality at all times by all authorised users.

– INTEGRITY: the information shall be accurate and complete at all times.


NANOOK integrates in its processes a quality and information security management system (QISMS), adapted to the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 standards. This makes that NANOOK could guarantee to all its stakeholders, the compliance with quality and information security requirements in all its processes, by providing the necessary resources both internally (technical resources with appropriate information security measures and control of its team processes) and externally (quality and information security commitments and other ad hoc quality and security clauses with external suppliers). NANOOK’s Quality and Information Security Policy adopt the following guidelines:

– It takes into account the changing context of the sector

– It establishes the framework for setting quality and information security objectives consistent with that context and purpose.

– Develops a quality and information security risk analysis and management process to identify, evaluate and qualify these risks in order to subsequently implement the relevant corrective actions and improvements.

– Minimizes and prevents quality and information security incidents by implementing actions in the event of any possible incidences.

– Establishes roles and responsibilities for quality and information security that result in an effective allocation of functions.

– Ensures that all NANOOK processes, products and services meet the requirements of the customer and other interested parties, as well as any other legal or regulatory requirements or others to which NANOOK may subscribe in terms of quality and information security.

– Implements the necessary means to ensure business continuity.

– Continuously improves the effectiveness of the QISMS.

– It ensures that appropriate technical and organisational measures are in place to ensure the continued confidentiality, integrity and availability of project technical information processing systems and services.


NANOOK Management is committed to promoting this Policy as a fundamental part of its business Policy. It also undertakes to communicate it to all interested parties and to ensure that it is understood and accessed by all, in order to achieve the established objectives. Madrid, 23th June 2021

Sign: CEO
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