26 June 2020

Nanook FM, the union of Conventia and Lemon

Nanook FM, the union of Conventia and Lemon

Nanook FM was born, the first radio station to present the union of two companies, Conventia and its national division C-Lemon.


The brand has been proposing the change to Nanook Agency for more than a year, which is why it wanted to make its launch, something very special. This radio station, called Nanook FM,, is pure radio, you’ll see.


The bran, founded and directed by Carlos Granda and Raúl de Gregorio has history since 2013, more than 1.300 projects that were carried out in 34 countries for large clients, have been involved in it.


In this 2020 Nanook Agency was born, as a symbol of renewal, of new era, with an explosion of creativity, enthusiasm and freshness. As well as new lines of business that offer a comprehen sive 360 service in events, communication, digital marketing, data and advertising.

Belonging to the MICE business sector, Nanook Agency has carried out major proyects with cust omers such as Audi, IBM, Intel, Panerai, GNP Mexico, Boss Hunters, Catalent or Google. Having a sustainable purpose that promotes the humani zation of technololy, connecting brands with global audiences and with a compensation plan certified by Eventsost Premium.

In this sound event, which is broadcast by the exciting voice of Carlos J.Pérez, it tells what the new era of Nanook Agency will look like. Taking Victor Küppers, speaking of the associative work, Luis Granda commenting on the new Artificial Intelligence and Marta Garcés, explaining how she goes, advances in scientific food. Live music. Dramatizations. And a lot of humor.

The new era of Nanook has just begun!