2 August 2023

Nanook Choice, the blockchain-based solution to sustainable business and socio-ecological challenges, is born

Nanook Choice, the blockchain-based solution to sustainable business and socio-ecological challenges, is born

Methodology focused on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that evidences each activity through a final report that offsets the impact of the carbon footprint

The past 14 and 15 June, the company renting and fleet management ALD Automotive | Leaseplan led to out the 14th Edition of the ALD mobility sustainable Tour Tour as a reason for the opening of the Zaha Hadid Bridge, Mobility City headquarters in Zaragoza.

The main objective is to raise awareness to reduce fuel consumption through efficient and responsible driving. For this reason, the most important national car brands such as Kia, Ford, Volkswagen, Mazda, Skoda, Renault, Cupra, Nissan, Audi, Volvo, among others, gathered together with the most prominent motor journalists to travel a route of more than 250 km through the provinces of Zaragoza and Huesca, using electrified vehicles, whether hybrid, plug-in hybrid or 100% electric.

The edition was the most sustainable of those held to date and, in this logo, Nanook has played a key role. We monitored the race in detail in terms of compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and targets set out in the Move 2025 Plan, as well as focusing on reducing the impact of the carbon footprint through our Nanook Choice methodology, which has been echoed by the Ibercaja Foundation and digital media such as ESdiario and

Thanks to the Nanook Choice certification, both organisers and participants demonstrated a clear commitment to minimising the environmental impact of their actions. This led to the event being rated as sustainable due to the proper management of resources and the environment, the contribution to the fight against climate change, the promotion of responsible consumption, the promotion of equality and the guarantee of well-being.

Nanook Choice was created with the aim of fostering an environmentally conscious business culture and, to achieve this, we promote the humanisation of technology and data management as key elements to establish connections between brands and their global audiences. We rely on blockchain technology as a means to achieve this goal, creating strong and reliable links thanks to its transparency, immutability and resistance to manipulation.

The Nanook Choice methodology offers a number of significant advantages. By applying it, it drives environmental and social risk reduction, improves operational efficiency and achieves long-term cost savings. It also strengthens customer trust and loyalty, attracts and retains talent through motivation and commitment, and contributes to building a more sustainable and fairer economy. In addition, this methodology maximises the organisation’s positive impact on the environment and society.