11 July 2023

To the rhythm of chotis with the elderly of the Pinar de Aravaca residence hall

To the rhythm of chotis with the elderly of the Pinar de Aravaca residence hall

Chotis workshop as a corporate social responsibility action designed based on our Nanook Choice methodology

A chotis with the best dance couples

Last Friday 23rd of June, we had a very important date with the Pinar de Aravaca (Madrid) old people’s home. Our Sustainability Committee organised an emotional initiative, as a corporate social action, based on promoting the creation of strong bonds between elderly and young people from respect, admiration and empathy.

For this reason, we wanted to accompany the elderly people of Pinar de Aravaca during the morning to learn how to dance one of the most traditional dances of our region: the chotis madrileño. The dancers hold each other by the hands, one of them being the central axis around which the other dancer turns around giving small jumps creating an atmosphere of harmony and pure romanticism. The chotis dance has multiple benefits for those who dance it, such as physical activity, mental stimulation and cultural preservation.

What are the benefits of this type of social sustainability action?

Raquel Hinojosa, dance and performing arts teacher, captivated the audience by dancing with her partner to the famous chotis “Si te casas en Madrid” by Olga Ramos. Once finished, we could start the chotis workshop. Each Nanooker looked for a dance partner from among the group of seniors. Raquel then began to teach us the basic steps of the dance, which turned out to be not so basic for some, but which fulfilled the main objective of the workshop: to create an enriching environment of mutual support, achieving a positive impact on each of the participants, whether they were young or old.

With this activity we were able to see the range of physical, emotional and social benefits it generates for both parties. The physical activity required for this dance is gentle, which is beneficial for the elderly. In addition, it encourages mental stimulation in the coordination of steps and rhythm, also improving their balance. Thanks to the chotis, the elderly had the great opportunity to interact with young people, reducing their possible isolation and unwanted loneliness and improving their emotional well-being. As a result, their self-esteem and confidence will be positively affected as it gives them a sense of achievement and self-fulfilment. Similarly, our Nanookers strengthened their intergenerational bonds through the combination of wisdom and experience that the elders demonstrated to us, learning more about our culture and past traditions.

Fighting Loneliness and Nanook Choice: Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Increasingly, loneliness is a serious problem in the lives of many people, especially the elderly. Fighting it is a responsibility that every individual must internalise in order to achieve social connections and improvements in both the health and emotional wellbeing of those who suffer from it.

That is why, thanks to the Nanook Choice methodology, based on the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, we carried out this touching initiative as a sustainable internal CSR action. A company’s Corporate Social Responsibility strategy is important because it not only benefits society and the environment, but it also strengthens the positioning of your company in the market, improving its reputation and increasing the attraction and retention of talent and customers. In the same way, it favours sustainable development, leading to positive synergies between business success and social well-being.

At Nanook we are committed to our environment. Therefore, we want to continue to support initiatives as beautiful and necessary as this one, not only giving importance to the business or ecological aspect, but also to the social aspect. Soon, we will have more news!

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