9 October 2023

In Nanook we have claimed the X Art on the occasion of our tenth anniversary

In Nanook we have claimed the X Art on the occasion of our tenth anniversary

We are ten years old at Nanook, so what better way to celebrate this tenth anniversary than with an event based on a surprising creative idea?

#Nanook10Years, an event where we have taken the opportunity to vindicate the birth of the tenth art: the Events.

Ten years of Nanook

In 2013, our CEOs Raúl de Gregorio and Carlos Granda embarked on a journey with a dream, a ‘keyboard’ and a firm belief in a better future. Thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit that characterises them, they managed to take the first step; creating one of the most important multicultural groups in the sector, capable of carrying out global projects for national and international clients.

Their ingenuity in combining events and other communication actions with innovation, sustainability and analytics has given rise to a true revolution, capable of generating 360º strategies. This is how Nanook was born.

Its purpose is to promote the humanisation of technology and data management as necessary tools to inspire a business culture that is aware of the environment at all times. Nanook is a testament to the tenacity and commitment of the team; a family capable of adapting, expanding and achieving the extraordinary, while having fun together.

The X Art

Nine are the arts with which we are able to give life to our ideas, to build worlds giving rise to incredible works. With our hands, with strokes and brushstrokes, with the rhythm of words, with musical notes, with our movement. We can move and create stories by capturing moments in a single second, combining multiple universes.

To do this, we start from the six beautiful traditional arts: Architecture, Sculpture, Painting, Music, Dance and Literature. To these we add Cinema, considered the seventh art, Photography the eighth and finally, the Comic which occupies its place in ninth position. But did you know that there is a form of creation capable of uniting all these arts? With each project, Nanook creates unique experiences and moments that last over time, creating the X Art, the art of Events.


To celebrate these ten years full of triumphs, we wanted to organise an event for all our customers, partners and collaborators where they could be part of the creation of the X Art. We called it Nanook 10 Years.

In the event, we claimed the importance of the integration of these nine arts in the events to achieve the X Art. Therefore, in our celebration, we considered it important to exemplify them, showing the Nanooker team’s ability to integrate them in every event we organise.

The art of architecture was appreciated in the Nubel space itself, a modern and avant-garde place where the event took place, while sculpture, in the ten technological totems that made reference to each artistic manifestation. Painting was present in the work of María Cabañas, illustrator and tattoo artist with a degree in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid and nationally recognised; as well as literature, one of whose poems was recited by our Copywriter, Álex Fernández. Music was expressed through the Trailer Park Band and the prestigious DJ, Macarena Hoffmann. The dance mastery was represented by our Business Director Events, Tety Rybalka. For a nod to cinema, we used a chroma screen, where, in honour of photography, attendees were able to take animated photos. Finally, as for comics, we displayed dynamic cartoons on totem poles.

One of the highlights of the evening was the performance of Raúl de Gregorio and Carlos Granda, together with the CMO, Bárbara Agudo, singing the Nanooker version of “La flaca” with members of the team, delighting all the spectators. Another moment, which is closely related to this anniversary, was the lighting of ten candles which, to the rhythm of dance, lit up the night for our clients Mastercard, Xiaomi, KIA, Telefónica, Antolin, Aranzadi, Soldit, LG, Michelín, Prosegur Security, among others.

Ultimately, it is necessary to highlight that the event has been carbon neutral and sustainable thanks to our Nanook Choice philosophy. We counted on the participation of the Prodis Foundation, which asked all attendees to detail the impact they made by attending the event in terms of sustainability, through a calculator. Likewise, we counted on Eventsost to supervise the organisation, production and execution of the event. As an important detail to comment, María Cabañas used recycled and ‘non-polluting’ materials in her work, which we will recycle by compensating it with a CSR activity of the Nanook team.