3 July 2020

How will the Covid19 crisis impact sustainable development?

How will the Covid19 crisis impact sustainable development?

Nanook is part of #EmpresasGenéthicas.

Raúl de Gregorio, CEOs & Co-Founders of the Nanook Agency participated in the GenÉthico round table.

  How will the crisis of COVID19 impact Sustainable Development? Several managers of companies that are part of Genéthico were present at a round table where they debated if the sanitary measures during the Covid19 Crisis have been able to harm Sustainable Development or not.   · Bárbara Gómez, Co-founder of the Association Of Spaces For Events · Blanca Pérez de Camino, secretary of the Catering Business Association · Raúl de Gregorio, our CEO & Co-founder, in Nanook Agency · Toni Mascaró, founder and CEO of eMascaró · Paco Fernández, Director of the Eco-Circular Portal · Bea Osorio, Co-Founder of Miss & Mister Meet and Director of Education at MPI · Javier Peña, Director of the Burgos Congress Office · Jonathan Ysaÿe, who, thanks to his collaboration with the Sparkup tool, was able to conduct the round table interactively.   If you still do not think about what we could change from our daily routine in order to be more sustainable and help the planet, these data can help you decide. – In Spain, only 30% of women are in managerial positions and the world salary gap is estimated at 23%. – 70% of the surface of Spain is condemned to desertification. – Cities emit more than 70% of greenhouse gases. – World tourism represents 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions, of which 12% correspond to air travel. In 2025, the tourism impact is expected to grow to 40%. – Each kilo of food supposes a CO2 emission of between 2 and 4kg. The number of malnourished people in the world exceeds 830 million. The outstanding conclusions reached by Genéthico have been: – “Innovation has always fed capitalism … generating an impact on the environment without control. Right now innovation must be put at the service, not only of the economy, but of people and society, generating wealth. ” – Toni Mascaró -“Sustainable Development is a balance between the needs that we may have today but also those that future generations may have tomorrow.” – Javier Peña -“Before we were competition, now we are collaborators.” – Blanca Pérez -“The main challenge is cooperation whether we speak at the business level […] or internationally, without excuses and immediately […] and become conscious individuals, companies and countries.” – Raúl de Gregorio -“You have to stop being consumers to be citizens.” – Paco Fernández -“We must be more human, more responsible.” – Bea Osorio -“I hope that the urgent will never make us forget what is really important.” – Barbara Molino What is clear is that there are ways and solutions to solve current problems and challenges, now it is time to act. However, as many are reluctant to change, we leave you 5 positive data in favor of implementing a clear and global strategy with parameters for Sustainable Development: – 32% of investors are interested in investment products with sustainability criteria. – 80% of consumers would pay more if the brand increased their social and environmental responsibility. – 73.5% of Spaniards already take ethical and ecological aspects into account when making consumption decisions. – 40% of millennials choose their work for sustainability policies. – Sustainable development goals could save the lives of 6,500 children every day. If you want to see the digital event, you can enjoy it here.