8 May 2023

Dealfront celebrates its merger with Teamweek

Dealfront celebrates its merger with Teamweek

Dealfront celebrates its merger with Teamweek

360º Event for Dealfront: Technology, Marketing, Creativity, Innovation & Communication

The new company Dealfront, is born out of the merger between Leadfeeder and Echobot; relying on Nanook Agency and IEM International to organise a 360º experience to celebrate this exciting new beginning for both companies.

The main objective of the event was for both Leadfeeder and Echobot employees to meet and interact. As its name suggests: #Teamweek, it lasted five emotional days in which the 270 attendees from 20 different countries were able to enjoy a series of activities in the wonderful city of Split (Croatia), focused on UX (User Experience), to reinforce trust and integrity, in order to successfully manage this new change.

These activities were mainly focused on sessions, trainings and conferences, with a special focus on the creation of the new software, the result of the union of both entities and the maximum value of Dealfront, as well as fun networking and teambuilding activities. These included, the awarding of team cards with personal information (photo, tastes, hobbies, etc.) of each employee, giving the importance deserved to the human talent of both companies, mini Olympic games on the beach, enjoying dances and songs of typical Croatian folklore, just to name a few.

Marketing & Technology

From Nanook Agency, in addition to organizing this great event with the help of IEM International, we were in charge of designing a web to enhance the experience of the participants.Thanks to the digitalisation, all the guests at the event had, first of all, a summary explaining what this Teamweek was going to consist of, where it was going to take place, and they could access an agenda section to find out when and where the different activities were going to take place.

They also had information about the city where the event was going to be held along with 10 fun and interesting facts about the place, the unique city of Split, Croatia. In addition to a specific section where they could access with a single click to all the information about flights, dietary information, etc. so that the experience of each of the guests was smooth and flawless.

Within this website, they could get to know the whole team that was to make up the merger of the two companies by means of a quick search. With a photograph of each one of them, their professional title, department and hobbies.

In the same way, they could see everything that was happening during content sessions, broadcasting it to those who could not enjoy the trip. Thanks to this, they were able to live the experience from their home countries.

Of course, we also elaborated the branding strategy and designed their corporate identity such as the logo, brand colours, merchandising, etc.

In Nanook Agency we have a Digital Hub team that was in charge of measuring all the data analytics from the page. It was in charge of measuring the website and everything that happened at the event on a digital level through elaborate dashboards: website registrations, incidents, participation in activities, stream connections, submitted forms, the information received in these forms so that the management of the information was easier and there were no errors when processing it, etc.

Our entire team, not forgetting the great help and collaboration of IEM, made this great 360 degree event a reality. Undoubtedly, creativity and innovation managed to create one of the best and most fun international events of 2022.

Thanks to all of you who made it possible. Thanks to those of you who trusted Nanook Agency and gave us the wings to face this super challenge, a real pleasure for us!

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