28 June 2022

Customer Data Analytics

Customer Data Analytics

Do you think you really know your customers?

The collection of customer data and, above all, its interpretation, is crucial for decision making. At Nanook we call it “Customer Data Analytics’‘, the “insight of data”.

Customer Data Analytics allows us to discover what works and what doesn’t at the level of messages, speakers, attraction, attention, retention, loyalty, performance of the call to action that we launch; in addition, to focus communication efforts on what has more impact, either with communication campaigns or directly at events.

It consists mainly of the systematic collection and analysis of our clients’ data, providing us with valuable information to make strategic decisions in the most intelligent way possible.

When we are given the opportunity to collect real customer experience information, it is easier to understand and predict the desires of the target user, and thus, to understand the effectiveness of campaigns.

This information is easily available through platforms such as Google Analytics, RRSS, webapps, Internet of Things (IoT), voice, text, video, landing, among others, which provide the data that allow us to identify and understand the motivations of customers, which today has become indispensable if we want to offer an excellent and proactive customer experience.

At Nanook we currently make use of the most advanced data analytics technology to map our Customer Data Analytics.

  • First of all, we measure and collect all the data coming from the digitalisation of event and communication activities (IoT, Social Media, Web Traffic, among others), to integrate the online and offline world, which gives us a 360-degree view of the projects.
  • Through advanced analytics, we store, process and correlate all the data collected in our big data ecosystem.
  • To complete the end-to-end data analysis, we present the information through dashboards, reporting and storytelling, improving performance in the short term.

Nanook is strongly committed to Data Discovery, being a fundamental part to always focus on customers in order to improve the experience and attract new customers effectively.