30 April 2021

CONCLUSIONS NANOOK NEXT: 15 minutes about the future of marketing and events

CONCLUSIONS NANOOK NEXT: 15 minutes about the future of marketing and events

On Tuesday April 27th, Nanook Agency held its virtual event: Nanook Next, with the collaboration of Isaac Hernández, recognised as the Best Ballet Dancer in the World, Sabrina Meyers, Social Media Strategist  and Andrea Toscanini, director of Data & Analytics at Nanook.

Nanook Agency held yesterday Nanook Next, a virtual event that aimed to generative conversations and explore the integration of innovation, technology and data.

In an era of information overload and digital collapse, Nanook opted for a clear and concise virtual event format, with no more than 15 minutes of content that addressed major paradigms of the future of events and marketing, such as Big Data and the famous concept of “engagement”.




For Nanook, solidarity is a fundamental pillar, which is why each attendee could choose between the NGO Vicente Ferrer and SEO Birdlife and the agency made a donation on behalf of each participant at the end of the event.

Nanook Next counted with the presence of three international speakers and specialists, such as:

Sabrina Meyers:

Event moderator and Social Media Strategist focused on one of the hottest topics in the field of marketing and communication: Engagement.

Sabrina defined this concept as the exchange of energy between the brand and the user and delved into the importance of it as a necessary resource for the optimal implementation of events, communication and marketing strategies.

Isaac Hernández:

Recognised as the World’s Best Ballet Dancer and Principal Dancer at the English National Ballet, told his incredible story of how he started dancing in the patio of his house to becoming a Principal Dancer at some of the best and most prestigious ballet companies in the world.

Isaac is an example of dedication and sacrifice, a clear example of the conduct that all agencies and companies in the sector should follow in these confusing times.

Andrea Toscanini:

Director of Data & Analytics at Nanook, participated in the National Security Intelligence Project in Spain and works as an associate professor at IE Business School.

Andrea explored the intricacies of Big Data and digital analytics as a differential value for the client, in addition to highlighting the use and processing of data.

Nanook Agency has implemented Big Data and analytics within its ecosystem and was able to measure all the necessary and relevant data to make an optimal event: the channels through which users registered and the number of registrations, locations of the attendees; in real-time they were also able to measure and analyze the “journey” of each participant from first seeing Nanook Next ad up to the end of the event. Thanks to the data obtained, Nanook can develop a “custom journey” and predict how the users will behave on future occasions.

As Andrea Toscanini, Director of Data and Analytics at Nanook Agency says: “Knowledge is the new oil”.

Nanook Next, thanks to its 360º communication strategy, managed to gather attendees from different parts of the world such as California, Canada, Mexico, Portugal, United Kingdom, Geneva and Spain, among others.

One of the pillars of Nanook Agency is sustainability, for this reason and being consistent with its conscious purpose and its commitment to 100% carbon neutral actions, Nanook Next has been certified by Eventsost as a sustainable event.