16 June 2023

Carlos Granda and Tetyana Rybalka visit Le Bouveret campus of César Ritz Colleges Switzerland

Carlos Granda and Tetyana Rybalka visit Le Bouveret campus of César Ritz Colleges Switzerland

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Last May, Carlos Granda and Tetyana Rybalka, alumni of Swiss Education Group (SEG), visited the César Ritz Le Bouveret campus where they had the opportunity to teach a class on the relationship between the hospitality industry and its customers, as well as the development of entrepreneurial skills.

Both César Ritz Colleges Switzerland and other sister universities close to Swiss Education Group (SEG), share a rich network of enthusiastic alumni who return to offer classes to current students. What better example than to teach all the knowledge acquired at César Ritz Colleges Switzerland that successfully enhanced their careers!

On the occasion of the visit of our two colleagues, César Ritz Colleges Switzerland took the opportunity to interview them about their academic experiences and skills acquired through their curricula.

  • Interviewer: Carlos and Tety, what programs did you study at César Ritz?

Carlos: Here, at the César Ritz Le Bouveret Campus, I obtained a Higher Diploma in Hotel Management.

Tety: I started at Le Bouveret in 2008, completing my first term, although I then moved to César Ritz Colleges Brig to obtain a degree in hotel management, finishing my studies and internship in 2010.

I: What did your time at César Ritz Colleges give you most?

T: The importance of understanding and being able to work well with people from different cultures, the power of social media (how to use it to stay connected globally) and, of course, the interpersonal connections the school provides with key players in the industry. Carlos and I agree that the resources the school provided gave us great advantages in our professional careers.

  • I: What skill did you acquire at Cesar Ritz Colleges that helped propel your careers?

C: You can learn about service, accounting, strategic negotiations,…; but, really what the school provided us with that we probably would never have been exposed to is the “art of hospitality.” We learned what hospitality is and what it truly means: the art of creating an atmosphere of warmth and openness, the beauty of bringing people together and creating a sense of community. That was crucial and we use it every day in our lives not only professionally but also personally. The experience of living in Switzerland, one of the most amazing countries and being able to maintain a strong connection with the university so many years later is a great value for both of us.

  • I: Tell us about your experience of your class at César Ritz Colleges. Is there anything special that stands out about the students?

T: We think the students are very engaged and that made the class very interesting and dynamic. They are well prepared for the real world outside of school and many of them have very clear ideas about what they want to do next – it’s great to see that determination! We also love that the students are passionate about what they are studying and that they are aware that the tourism and culinary industries are booming again. They have a lot to offer professionally.

  • I: What advice would you give to anyone considering studying hospitality?

C: The beauty of hospitality is that it’s very versatile, it opens so many doors and opportunities, it’s a wonderful industry to be a part of. Our advice is to get out there and find out what interests you. The great thing about the SEG is that it runs some of the best hospitality schools in the world, each focusing on a different field. So, do your research and find out which SEG school best suits your needs!

T: Be open, be creative and you will see how wonderful this industry is. Use the network provided by the school to connect with students and alumni, the power of social media is awesome!

César Ritz Colleges Switzerland is the leading hospitality school with an entrepreneurial spirit. With 40 years of experience, it offers its students multi-campus learning through the culture of entrepreneurship, sustainability, leadership, creativity and innovation in an inclusive environment where independent and visionary thinking play an important role through the application of latest research and technologies. César Ritz Colleges is part of the Swiss Education Group (SEG), a global leader in business and hospitality education.