We are the experiential marketing agency that integrates innovation, sustainability and data to design creative solutions for events, communications and global incentives. 

Our pillars are creativity, innovation, sustainability and talent.

Our philosophy is Never_Blink, a way of seeing work through exciting and innovative projects and experiences. That’s why we develop content and creative concepts that tell stories to connect brands with their global audiences in an unforgettable way.

And we have fun doing it.


Nanook was born to inspire an environmentally conscious business culture.

Committed to our team and collaborators, we promote the humanisation of technology and data as principal pillars to emotionally connect brands with their global audiences.

Nanook is certified as a Sustainable Agency with the Eventsost Premium seal. We are also proud to include a sustainability and compensation plan in all our projects, to achieve 100% carbon neutral actions.

Committed to our team and our collaborators, we promote the humanization of technology and data management as a means to emotionally connect brands with their global audiences.


Data & Analytics allow us to discover what works and what doesn’t at the level of messages, speakers, attraction, attention, retention, loyalty, performance o call to action we launch; and to focus communication efforts on what has the most impact, whether with communication campaigns or directly at events – virtual, hybrid or face-to-face.

At Nanook we use advanced data analytics technology:

– Artificial Intelligence to map and interpret the entire digital ecosystem improving performance in a short timeframe.
– IoT Analytics to integrate the digital world with the real world and have a unified vision of the projects.
– Big Data Analytics to collect, centralise and process data generated by all sources to give them qualitative value.
– Visual Analytics through adapted and integrated dashboards to make decisions based on data and improve projects.
– Projecting the impact of the project on social networks.


Nanook guarantees compliance with current legislation on personal data protection, reflected in the Organic Law 3/2018 of 5 December on the Protection of Personal Data and the Guarantee of Digital Rights (LOPD GDD). It also complies with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons (GDPR).


We were born to Conventia and Lemon, sister agencies, so our experience is inherited.

In 2013, Carlos Granda and Raúl de Gregorio founded Conventia, a multicultural group capable of carrying out global projects from start to finish. Projects for a highly demanding international client.

In 2017 Lemon was born, with its explosion of creativity, freshness, and a lot of face, providing everything necessary for the national client.

In 2020, Conventia and Lemon come together adding the best of both and shaping Nanook, a brand that further raises its quality standard.

We are named in honor of the first documentary film in history, “Nanook of the North”, because we also work for our clients in an innovative way, creating new ways of understanding events and communication, goal-oriented and without losing sight of sustainability.