We are events and communication agency capable of adapting to your needs, whatever they may be.

We are story builders. We love them. We communicate them.

You´ll meet them on the street, through digital, on social networks. And you’ll hear people talking about them.

We do it by prioritizing the concept. Then comes the supportive material. And if it doesn’t exist, we make the necessary steps for its existence.

Our pillars are creativity, innovation, sustainability and teamwork. And they are non-negotiable.

Our aim is to inspire brands and the society.


Nanook was created to inspire an environmentally conscious business culture.

Committed to our team and our collaborators, we promote the humanization of technology and data management as means to emotionally connect brands with their global audiences.


We include in all of our proposals a sustainability plan to minimize the impact produced by our events. We are going a step further now, including a compensation plan to neutralize the impact and achieve “100% carbon neutral” actions.

In this way our actions benefit:

1. Local economy: we design ad-hoc tools and strategies to promote local businesses and professionals.

2. Environment: we reduce the negative impact of our actions. With responsible concepts, respecting regulations, taking care of the carbon footprint, etc.

3. Society: We improve the working environment throughout the production chain. We promote the integration of people, especially those at risk of social exclusion.